Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Ruckus app?

The Ruckus app provides a single stop destination for digital content
including classic books, popular characters and todays hottest brands
for kids’ ages 2-10. Ruckus aims to offer parents a safe curated
experience for their kids, as well as personalized weekly snapshots
("Ruckus Reports") detailing how their kids are using the Ruckus content
 and what it is providing.

What are the different types of Ruckus content?
  • iReaders are interactive digital books (with voice-over narration), featuring integrated activities and video clips throughout that allow the reader to collect words to be used at the end for more fun!
  • ReadAlongs are eBooks with voice over narration, bringing the traditional picture book experience to your mobile device.
  • Videos are downloadable episodes from some of today's most popular brands. They are commercial-free and airplay-enabled, allowing users to view them via Apple TV as well as all IOS devices, including IOS 6.
What is the "Store"?

The "Store" features the entire Ruckus library of iReaders, ReadAlongs and Videos available for in-app purchase.

Once you have purchased/downloaded a title, the book or video will move to "My Stuff."

What is "My Stuff"?

"My Stuff" is the library of content you’ve already purchased and downloaded.

What is "New"?

"New" is any new feature and the latest releases available from Ruckus. Ruckus will be adding new iReaders, ReadAlongs, and Videos each month so check back often to see what's available!

What is "Popular"?

"Popular" features our best-selling titles within the Ruckus app.

What is "Settings"?

"Settings" are where you can control your purchases as well as other basic information about the Ruckus app.

What is the FREE title?

Ruckus always provides one FREE title. We will regularly switch out the FREE title to offer other pieces of content for FREE, so check back often to try new books & videos.

I loaded the previous FREE title, but where is it now?

Ruckus will regularly switch the FREE title offering for our customers, thus making previously FREE titles available for in-app purchase in the Store. You can search for titles by sorting the content by format (iReader, ReadAlong, Video).

What are Ruckus Reports?

Ruckus Reports are weekly snapshots containing information, including time spent and lessons included within the content that are personalized for kids who are registered.

How do I Register for Ruckus Reports?

Under "Settings," tap the "Sign In" and "Register" buttons.

Who sees the Register information/is it shared with anyone outside of Ruckus?

All Ruckus registrant information is private and completely COPPA compliant. Your email and information shared about your children is used solely to update you on your children’s use of the content within the Ruckus app and will not be shared with anyone else.

Who is Ruckus Media Group?

Ruckus Media Group creates interactive applications for mobile devices designed to entertain and educate children and has been recognized with over 30 parenting and app awards for its digital storybooks. Ruckus was founded by Rick Richter, formerly the President of Children’s Publishing at Simon & Schuster, and founder of Candlewick Press.

How do I find out more information about a book or video before I purchase it?

Tap the blue button underneath the cover of the book/video and a pop-up window of information will appear.

How do I purchase a book or video?

Tap anywhere on the cover of the book/video and you will be asked to confirm your in-app purchase. Once confirmed, you will enter your Apple ID and password, and the content will immediately download and appear in “My Stuff.”

How do I enlarge the pages of the ReadAlongs?

You can enlarge them by double-tapping or pinch to zoom. When you are done, simple double-tap or pinch to zoom again to resume reading.

What if I?m already registered on a prior Ruckus bookshelf?

You can register in the new Ruckus app with your previous registration username and password.

I had already purchased Ruckus reader books from a prior Ruckus bookshelf, will they appear in ?My Stuff? or do I have to purchase them again?

Any purchase done outside of the new single app will not be available. You will have to purchase that content again.

How do I contact Support?

For all support questions, please contact Ruckus Media Group at:

How do I contact customer service?
How to get my purchases back or I have lost my purchases, what is next?

You can anytime get your purchases back by tapping on Restore Purchases option under More section.